Christian O’Connell’s mission to live in the moment

After more than twenty years dominating the radio waves in both the UK and Australia, Christian O’Connell has talked to just about everyone, and they’ve covered just about everything. In order to keep his show exciting and engaging after so many years, Christian himself needs to remain excited and engaged. 

One way he keeps himself engaged at work is by following in the footsteps of legendary jazz musician Miles Davis, who would only ever prepare 75% of a recording, leaving space for the magic of improvisation. 

Outside of work, Christian pursues the same level of openness as a voracious reader, podcast listener and poetry fan. And when those pleasures of the soul aren’t enough to put him in the right state of mind, he employs breathwork techniques to centre him in the present moment. 

Now a certified breathwork teacher, Christian walks you through one of the practice’s simplest techniques, and shares some of the most profound advice he’s received from mentors, colleagues, and his favourite artists. 

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