Charlotte Rush breaks down Inventium’s culture experiments

Have you heard of the Hybrid Paradox?

Since the pandemic, a huge portion of knowledge workers have moved to some form of hybrid working arrangement, whether it’s working from home one day a week, or almost all the time. And there’s been a tonne of benefits: setting our own schedules, working to our bodies’ natural rhythms, greater control of our environment…

But do you ever just really, really miss seeing your team every day? That’s the Hybrid Paradox.

And at my consultancy, Inventium, we’re loving our remote-first arrangement, but we’ve still been feeling the sting of the Hybrid Paradox. So, naturally, our team of organisational psychologists decided to run some experiments.

Inventium’s Head of New Product Development, Charlotte Rush, breaks down the five experiments we ran in 2022, and teaches you how to implement in your own organisation.

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