Business Chicks Founder & Global CEO Emma Isaacs on how to get better at networking (even if you hate it)

Hate networking but know you need to get better at it?

Career entrepreneur and business bad-ass Emma Isaacs has built her professional network of people – including Richard Brandson, Nicole Kidman, and Arianna Huffington – from the ground up.

She bought her first business at the age of 18 and has never looked back.

Today Business Chicks is a global social networking group with over 44,000 members, hosting events across Australia and the US.

Emma now runs her company from the US, where she lives with her family, including six children under 11.

Connect with Emma –,

Winging It – Why Action Beats Planning Everytime –

Emma’s next book on time management called, The New Hustle, comes out in August 2021.


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