Atlassian’s Dom Price on dramatically improving virtual meetings

My guest today is Dom Price. Dom is the Head of Research & Development and also the resident Work Futurist at Atlassian, one of the world’s biggest and fastest growing tech companies. Dom has responsibilities spanning 5 global R&D centres, and is the in house “Team Doctor” who helps Atlassian scale by being ruthlessly effective, all while keeping one eye on the future.

This is my second time having Dom on the show. I was keen to have him back to check in with how he has adapted the way he works during COVID.

Check out my first interview with Dom here.

In this chat, we cover:
  • Why Dom has found the shift from working at home some of the time to 100% of the time
  • How Dom starts his management meetings now they are virtual to boost interpersonal connections
  • How Dom is reducing Zoom meetings
  • How a virtual art class helped the Atlassian management team bond
  • How the Atlassian executive team are structuring their virtual meetings
  • How allocating clear roles is critical to having effective meetings
  • Making quick decisions rather than perfect ones
  • The optimal size for meetings
  • How Dom uses the chat box in virtual presentations and workshops
  • How Dom makes sure he gives introverts a voice in virtual meetings
  • Atlassian’s 80/20 approach to helping its 4000+ employees cope during COVID
  • What Dom learnt from Trello about remote working
  • How to do water cooler conversation in the remote working world
  • How Atlassian are doing onboarding during COVID

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