Ashutosh Priyadarshy on how he deliberately removes bulls@*t from his diary

My guest today is Ashutosh Priyadarshy. Ashutosh is the founder of Sunsama (YC W19). Sunsama is a daily planner for elite professionals that helps you plan out a focused work day by pulling together your tasks from all of your tools. Ashutosh has spent most of the last decade building and launching productivity hardware and software. His goal is to build products that help us navigate our work and life mindfully and intentionally.

We cover:
  • Ashutosh’s daily productivity rituals
  • Ashutosh’s approach to getting a good night’s sleep
  • Why Ashutosh plans his day twice
  • The process Ashutosh uses to plan his day out
  • Ashutosh’s weekly rhythm
  • Why Ashutosh doesn’t do long-term planning or goal setting
  • How Ashutosh prioritises what to work on
  • How Ashutosh deliberately removes bullish*t from his diary
  • Applying Parkinson’s law to running Design Sprints
  • Using artificial time constraints to force productivity
  • Ashutosh’s unusual approach to managing digital distractions
  • How Ashutosh approaches days of low motivation
  • The new software Ashutosh is most excited about

Find out more about Ashutosh at Twitter or email

Check out Sunsama here.