Anything you can imagine: how O2E Brands CEO Brian Scudamore turns visions into reality

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All entrepreneurs get things wrong; it comes with the territory. But great entrepreneurs love getting things wrong, because it means they’re learning. Brian Scudamore, CEO of O2E Brands, is no different, and as tough as the pandemic was, he still sees it as an invaluable learning opportunity.

One of O2E’s iconic practices is its enormous, company-wide “huddle”, in which all employees gather in one giant room for seven minutes every morning to discuss the action plan for the day. Brian loved the huddles, loved seeing everyone together, in one place. So he was worried the company would love a vital bit of magic when they moved to remote work during COVID.

But then, something brilliant happened – the huddles ended up being even better online. Suddenly, instead of everyone in the room looking at one person amidst a sea of backs, every single person could see every other person’s face on the Zoom screen.

And Brian realised he’d been wrong – and he was pumped!

Brian shares the other unexpected lessons and surprising wins encountered during the pandemic, as well as his process for turning visions into reality.

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