All about aesthetics – Lucy Feagins gives your home office a makeover

Working from home used to sound like the dream, didn’t it? If you work from home, you’re always at home! But I think we’re all starting to realise the flip-side of the WFH movement – if you work from home, you’re also always at work. 

And for most people, the move to working from home has been quite sudden, and you likely don’t have the space for a designated office. A lot of us are working from our dining room tables, but according to Lucy Feagins, editor of The Design Files, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the beauty of your workspace. 

Lucy walks you through how she sets up her own space at home, and teaches you the importance of having a set-up and pack-down ritual if you’re working from a shared living space. 

She also shares her favourite tools and trinkets to make her home office enjoyable to work in, and reflective of her personality – which is especially important in the age of Zoom!


Follow these links to find all the things Lucy recommends in our chat:

Muji storage

Steelcase office chairs

Phillips Hue

IKEA office chairs


Hay lights

In Good Company

Noguchi lights  


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